for people who...

Struggle with back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, sciatica, ankle/foot pain, or headaches

Have an injury that you've been dealing with that just won’t seem to get better

Stopped doing the activities you enjoy because of your symptoms

Tried other treatments that just haven’t fixed the problem

Are ready to get back to hiking, surfing, paddling, tennis, golf, working out, yoga, traveling, etc. without the pain and frustration of a nagging injury

A total body movement assessment will identify the root cause of what is causing your problem or pain and initial treatment will get you feeling better fast.

identify through the 'total body diagnostic'


our method for physical therapy

Our bodies move as a whole, and one area can affect another. We will treat the root cause of your problem or pain to improve your overall movement patterns.

Fix the source of your problem


We reinforce good movement patterns with challenging strength, stability, and motor control. We also teach you the right mobility drills you need to prevent the problem from returning.

Prevent the problem from coming back


what is the total body diagnostic for?

schedule my diagnostic

Take a deeper look into your pain or injury, get the answers you’re looking for, and get a plan to get back to the activities you love

licensed physical therapist
certified nutrition coach
registered yoga teacher 200 hr

hey, i'm dr. alex

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I am passionate about optimizing movement, health, wellness, nutrition, and personal growth. My goal is to help my clients reach their individual movement and health goals by providing a personalized physical therapy and wellness coaching experience.

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why work with us

You will spend your entire session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, working on exactly what your body needs to ensure progress week by week. You will get a personalized plan to meet your needs, and you will never get handed off to an assistant or an aide. 

1 : 1 personalized treatment 

Our number one goal is to help you reach YOUR number one goal, which is why we offer convenient and secure messaging access to your Doctor 24/7 via app. This allows us to troubleshoot problems or answer questions without having to waste time waiting until your next appointment. 


We view and treat your body as a whole. Through our training and experience, we know that pain and dysfunction often occur in more than one area. We identify and target all areas needed to get you back to the activities you love. 


Many physical therapy clinics will send out a bill months after you have completed your care. With Evolve Hawaii Physical Therapy you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We get it – we love to be active, just like you. We have been told to simply stop doing what we are doing because of pain and decided there has to be a better way. Our goal is to help you to continue to participate in the activities you love with the proper modifications to decrease injury and pain.


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I started experiencing increased wrist pain & swelling as my outrigger canoe season went into long distance training. After experiencing increased, more acute pain, I thankfully was referred to Alex. After a full assessment and determining the causes, she did some much needed release work & educated me on a home exercise program. I’m happy to report I am back to paddling and just did a 5 mile OC1 race in the mainland with NO pain or irritation to the wrist. Don’t hesitate seeing her, she is the Best!!
Linda F 

"I’m happy to report I am back to paddling and just did a 5 mile OC1 race in the mainland with NO pain"

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