This is your time to share your goals, struggles, and get a total body evaluation of your movement patterns, joint range of motion, strength and flexibility, motor control and stability, balance, and gait and postural analysis. This is the starting point for working together, and identifies the root cause of your pain or problem. Based on this, we create an individualized program and the long-term solution to reach your goals. 

If you’ve got an injury or pain that won’t go away on its’ own, you want a solution to the root cause of it, value your health, are tired of quick fixes but no long-term change, and don’t want to be limited in the activities you enjoy, this is for you. 

What is the total body diagnostic for?


A total body movement assessment will identify what is causing your problem or pain and initial treatment will get you feeling better fast.



our method for physical therapy


Our bodies move as a whole, and one area can affect another. We will treat the root cause of your problem or pain to improve your overall movement patterns.

Fix the source of your problem



We reinforce good movement patterns with challenging strength, stability, and motor control. We also teach you the right mobility drills you need to prevent the problem from returning.

Prevent the problem from coming back


Comprehensive treatment of your pain, injury, or movement-related problem. This includes an individualized selection of treatments specifically needed for your body, that will progress you week by week. We specialize in a variety of treatment techniques including hands-on manual treatment (Joint mobilization, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobility, Myofascial Release, Active Release Therapy, PNF, cupping, taping, and flossing), therapeutic and corrective exercise, motor control retraining, strength and stability training, balance training, gait and postural re-training.

We get you feeling better immediately, then your program will progress week by week to ensure we are moving toward your goals. 


You will spend your entire session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, working on exactly what your body needs to ensure progress week by week. You will get a personalized plan to meet your needs, and you will never get handed off to an assistant or an aide. 

1 on 1 personalized treatment

our advantages

Our number one goal is to help you reach YOUR number one goal, which is why we offer convenient and secure messaging access to your Doctor 24/7 via app. This allows us to troubleshoot problems or answer questions without having to waste time waiting until your next appointment. 

Fast communication 

We view and treat your body as a whole. Through our training and experience, we know that pain and dysfunction often occur in more than one area. We identify and target all areas needed to get you back to the activities you love. 


Many physical therapy clinics will send out a bill months after you have completed your care. With Evolve Hawaii Physical Therapy you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We get it – we love to be active, just like you. We have been told to simply stop doing what we are doing because of pain and decided there has to be a better way. Our goal is to help you to continue to participate in the activities you love with the proper modifications to decrease injury and pain.


Work with us through an custom in-person and digital format to optimize your movement patterns, treat aches and pains before they become injuries, progress your workouts and skills, and receive all the benefits of having a movement expert on-call.

optimize your movement health

I came to Evolve after a pretty bad shoulder injury that made even walking and sleeping difficult. Alex was very knowledgeable and patient and slowly helped me to not only recover but also build my strength and stability. I appreciated the fact that she always explained why we did certain movements/exercises and how to progress those over time. With her guidance I went from barely being able to lift my arm to doing 10 full push ups and feeling even stronger than before my injury. I’m beyond impressed with her work and so glad that I chose to work with Evolve Hawaii PT and Performance!
Nalani B 

"With her guidance I went from barely being able to lift my arm to doing 10 full push ups.."

I started experiencing increased wrist pain & swelling as my outrigger canoe season went into long distance training. After experiencing increased, more acute pain, I thankfully was referred to Alex. After a full assessment and determining the causes, she did some much needed release work & educated me on a home exercise program. I’m happy to report I am back to paddling and just did a 5 mile OC1 race in the mainland with NO pain or irritation to the wrist. Don’t hesitate seeing her, she is the Best!!
Linda F 

"I’m happy to report I am back to paddling and just did a 5 mile OC1 race in the mainland with NO pain"

"I had such a wonderful experience working with Alex. She is so knowledgeable and thorough. Her ability to develop a comprehensive plan of care and then execute it with a balance of compassion and firm accountability was very much appreciated. She always kept my goals in mind and helped me work step-by-step to achieve them."

"Her ability to develop a comprehensive plan of care and then execute it..."

Dan C.

“I've gotten so much stronger working with Alex. I have my independence back after struggling with knee pain for years.”


"Alex knows what she's doing. She's knowlegable, reliable, and truly cares."

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